Commerzwelt is part of an industry in which trillions of dollar in business is going on every day. Being an essential part of this legal industry, Commerzwelt too is obligated to abide by rules, regulations, guidelines, and standards applicable to the industry. Anyone who wishes to be part of us should understand that we are doing licensed business involving registered securities/assets. We also expect our existing and future customers to use our platform for legal business only. We hereby confirm and undertake that are not involved in any scams nor doing any illegal business.

We do not provide our platform to such persons involved in illegal activities because we are bound under AML and KYC policies.

We would suggest you check your platform’s genuineness by using the following methods.

Examine Terms & Conditions

We are a licensed company that is regulated by several authorities which we have duly mentioned in our terms and conditions as well as in the privacy policies. For using our platform, we would be requiring you to provide certain information and you shall be bound to supply us with the information required. If you are using our website, this would mean that you have duly endorsed our privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Registered Business

You may be encountering brokers who may not be registered businesses. This is a major red flag and such a broker should be avoided. While Commerzwelt is a registered business having physically available headquarters and our registered address is duly disclosed on our website.

If you wish to write to us or want to make sure that we have provided our information correctly, you can give us a call.

Legal Actions

Commerzwelt is a legal entity that came into existence after fulfilling all the legal requirements for establishing its business. Being a legal entity under the law, we can be sued or we can sue someone in a legal action before the appropriate forum, in case such a situation arises. In case, a trader has developed a dispute with us, we would like to go for arbitration so as to amicably resolve the issue.