At Commerzwelt, we care about our traders and make sure they have the much-needed peace of mind while trading. For this reason, we have completed all the legal formalities that put us in a reliable position to be your trading partner. We know it can be quite a challenge for someone to sign up with an online trading services provider for the first time and trust them with their money and information.

You can rest assured when you trade with Commerzwelt because we are providing you with certified trading services.

Commerzwelt is certified by Crypto Conduct Authority, which should give you peace of mind that you are signing up with a reliable online trading services provider. The certification from crypto conduct authority is a huge honor for us because we are able to keep our traders confident when they pick us as their trading platform. The certification also makes us a reliable and trustable online trading platform for traders from around the world.

The acquiring of this certificate ensures that we are providing our traders with reliable online trading services. Our platform is only dedicated to the type of trading that’s safe for traders and does not violate the legal boundaries that surround the online trading landscape.

It takes efforts and work to get proper certification for trading services. The fact that we have been able to be certified by CCA means that we are following their standards and providing our services per the guidelines set by the authority.

Reliable Online Trading Services
As an online trader who is willing to put their money on the line for trading, you deserve to be on safe trading platforms. You can’t afford to trust companies that don’t have certifications for their services or are not companies in the first place. When you know you have picked the right team to be your trading partner, you can trade in peace, expect great outcomes from your trades, and focus on trading rather than other unnecessary issues and challenges.

Fulfilling Other Legal Responsibilities
In addition to obtaining this certificate, we also devote our times to make sure that we meet other industry guidelines and legal responsibilities. When it comes to being up-to-date with the requirements of the online financial services industry, we make sure that our website has proper SSL certificates. In addition to that, we encrypt the data of our customers and keep it safe on secured servers.

We do not share your information with any companies without getting your consent. Whatever rules, regulations, and guidelines we follow in the sharing of your information have been clearly stated in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, our platform has been created with proper adherence to KYC and AML policies in mind. What it means is that our traders have to give out their personal identification details before they can sign up with us. Also, we confirm certain banking details to make sure our platform gives way only to legitimate traders for their legitimate business.